Veilburner – The Obscene Rite (Review)

veilburnerThis is the third album from US experimental blackened death metallers Veilburner.

Veilburner have produced a monster of an album. This is 60 minutes of blackened death metal, filtered through a corrupted lens of experimental dissonance and pseudo-industrial undertones.

In a way it’s difficult to separate the disparate influences at play in Continue reading

Grossty – Crocopter (Review)

GrosstyGrossty are an Indian grindcore band and this is their debut album.

Oh yeah! It’s always fun to hear a band that take a standard style and mutate it with their own passionate interpretation, and Grossty do exactly that with the short-bouts-of-violence grindcore template.

Featuring 21 tracks in just under 21 minutes, this may be short but Continue reading

Faustian Dripfeed – Between This and Death (Review)

Faustian DripfeedThis is the debut EP from Nowegian melodic death metal band Faustian Dripfeed.

You never quite know what you’re going to get when something is described as melodic death metal, as frequently it ends up being something that has little or no actual death metal content. Well, this is certainly not the case with Faustian Dripfeed. Continue reading

Our Place of Worship Is Silence – The Embodiment of Hate (Review)

Our Place of Worship Is SilenceThis is the debut album from Our Place of Worship Is Silence, a blackened death metal band from the US.

Oooh this is ugly, underground stuff that’s as raw and hurtful as having your face shaved off with a blunt razor.

If you take a seething, furious death metal base and pour corrupted blackened hatred all over it, you’ll have a good idea of where Our Place of Worship Is Silence’s proclivities lie. Continue reading

Epica – The Holographic Principle (Review)

EpicaEpica are a symphonic metal band from the Netherlands and this is their eighth album.

Epica are famous for their epic, (ahem), symphonic sound, all larger-than-life melodies, ostentatious orchestration and luscious, enticing vocals. And it works. They’ve made a career out of it and currently sit as one of the biggest bands in the style. Continue reading